At County Granite & Marble we use the very latest digital templating systems available in order to achieve the best fit possible for your worktops.

Templating is carried out in three stages:

  1. A plan is made of the kitchen and the exact measurements are recorded
  2. Details are recorded – overhang, radii and the placing of inset sinks/hobs/grooves etc. The customer will be asked to contribute their thoughts on these, and to bring up any other issues they wish to discuss with the templater.
  3. A computerised digitiser is used to accurately plot the walls, and figure the exact position of your where your granite or quartz is to be fitted.

When all the above have been completed, the templater will prepare the confirmation sheet and go through all the details with you. At this point he will ask you to sign to say that you understand the details regarding your new worktops.

Unless otherwise arranged a deposit of 75% of the amount stated on the quote will be asked for at this time.