At County Granite and Marble we use the latest technology available and stone of whichever type is initially cut using a bridge saw with a diamond segmented blade.

Once the various individual pieces are cut from the large slab, those pieces are forwarded to a state of the art CNC machine and with the help of a vacuum lifting system, the granite or quartz countertop pieces are then fabricated.

In this phase of the stone fabrication, the cutouts for your undermount sink, hob, or holes for taps are all made. The first step is cutting the stone to within a few millimetres of its final size. Then, the CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine is programmed to know the size of the stone or stones on the table.

Since every stone has different working characteristics, it is key to have an experienced and knowledgeable CNC machine operator. It is truly a job where artistry and technology meet to produce the optimal finished product. Some stone materials require the CNC machine to move more slowly, some require stone to be entered in a certain way. Without this industry experience, the fabricating process may not produce the best end result we are looking for as consumers.

Once the holes are cut in the granite or quartz the edge is shaped by the CNC machine before the countertop is taken to final polish before being delivered into your home.